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International PLUS-Forum Islamic Finance in Central Asia

in Central Asia
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Tashkent, Uzbekistan


The Forum programme is focused on the Islamic economy in the modern world and includes discussion of the most pressing issues related to the development of Islamic finance and Islamic banking, digital banking, fintech and innovations in Islamic banking, as well as financial services in the digital age.


The Forum platform is an ideal place to

  • search new customers and develop relationships with existing ones
  • support your company's brand
  • establish new business contacts with the banking industry stakeholders, vendors, experts and market regulators.


The Forum will host over 350 delegates including representatives of national banks, relevant ministries and departments, the banking sector, as well as fintech communities of countries and regions most advanced in this regard.


The exhibition area features products from leading vendors, solution and service providers.


Khondamir Nysratkhuzhaev
AAOIFI, Islamic Development Bank
member of Council
Mohammad Shaheed Khan
Moonshot Advisory Co. WLL
Managing Director
Khairil Anuar Mohd Noor
Masryef Advisory
Zuhursho Rahmatulloev
Alif Bank OJSC in Tajikistan
Madina Kalimullina
HSE-Skolkovo Institute for Law and Development, HSE University
Senior Researcher
Aidar Mukhametzyanov
AK Bars
Director, Investment business
Almira Nagimova
Kazan Federal University
senior associate
Magomet Yandiev
Moscow City Duma, VII session
Deputy. Head of Fair Russia (political party)


Islamic economic paradigm and Islamic banking in the modern world
The role of international organizations in the development of the Islamic economy
Islamic finance: basic principles and limitations
Analysis of advanced products of Islamic finance and banking
Islamic takaful insurance. Demand for it. Problems
Islamic mortgage
Islamic finance. Principles of the use of credit cards
Digital banking, fintech and innovation in Islamic finance
Fintech as a driver of financial products development in Islamic banking
Central Bank Digital Currency Project (CBDC)
«New marketing», «personalization of sales» or design-based thinking in creating new products and services
Faster (instant) payments systems. Practices. Prospects
Cross-border remittances market. Strategies and technology
Cryptocurrency industry. Best practices and prospects for nation-wide crypto projects
Retail in the context of digital transformation
Electronic commerce in Central Asian countries. New business strategies and technology
Transformation of the largest retail market into a marketplace is one of the interesting challenges for Central Asian countries
Payment systems and fintech. Transformation of traditions; SMEs in Central Asian Countries
and more


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Session 1

Modern Islamic Economy and Islamic Banking

  • Islamic economic paradigm and Islamic banking. Alternative economic models built on the basis of confessional principles. Further development paths
  • Assessment of business for compliance with Shariah norms. Key points for working in non-Muslim countries. Basic principles of the Shariah Councils
  • Ethical issues of banking in the context of Islamic finance
  • The role and place of international organizations in the development of the Islamic economy. Support necessary for Islamic banking in Central Asia
  • Best practices of country markets in the development of the Islamic economy and Islamic banking. The best business cases. Applicability in Central Asia
  • Compliance with Sharia requirements when creating unique products for the Uzbek market
Session 2

Specific features of the development of Islamic finance

  • Development of the Islamic economy and financial services in the countries of Central Asia. Opportunities and challenges
  • Islamic entrepreneurship and social responsibility. Ethical standards of Islam and labor relations
  • Islamic finance: basic principles and limitations
  • Key instruments of Islamic financial services. Murabaha, mudaraba, musharaka, ijara, sukuk
  • Impact economy: a new trend in the economy. Risk assessment and responsible investment. ESG investing
  • Legal and regulatory framework for Islamic finance and Islamic banking. History of development. Stages of formation
Session 3

Analysis of advanced products of Islamic finance and banking

  • Analysis of the global and Islamic banking best practices
  • Sukuk — Islamic securities. Securitization issues. Selection criteria and principles of transactions
  • Islamic takaful insurance. Causes of underdevelopment in Central Asian countries
  • Islamic mortgage. Demand for it and prospects
  • Islamic finance. Principles of using credit cards
  • «Islamic window» in traditional banking structures. Key challenges and advantages
Session 4

Digital banking, fintech and innovations in Islamic finance

  • The global trend of digitalization and its applicability in Islamic banking
  • Fintech as a driver for the financial products development in Islamic banking. Key innovations in Islamic finance in 2021–2022
  • Banks + Fintech or Banks = Fintech. New speed of product development, acceleration of digital transformation processes in banks as urgent tasks for Islamic financial institutions
  • Investments in fintech in key country markets. Does the investment size determine the successful fintech development?
  • Government regulation during digitalization. Improvement of legislation. Regulatory sandboxes. Implementation specifics
Session 5

Financial services of Islamic banking in the era of digitalization

  • CBDC Project of the Bank of Russia. Third form of money. Prospects for Central Asian Countries
  • Open Banking and Open API. Open API technology as the guarantor of the transformation of the traditional banking market. Using international practices by Central Asian countries
  • Fintech as a service (FaaS). Prerequisites for its appearance, specifics and advantages of this model
  • Private ecosystems and public platforms. Best cases
  • «New marketing», «personalization of sales» or design-based thinking in creating new products and services. What are the benefits of focusing on the client and his needs?
  • Digital customer profiles. Digital onboarding in banking as a tool for customer engagement and retention. A special role in post-covid realities
Session 6

Development paths and current objectives of achieving the digital world

  • Faster (instant) payments systems. How they change banks, consumer needs, and payment scenarios. Will the banks hold their monopoly or will the «bank-as-a-service» model win?
  • Market for cross-border money transfers. Strategies and technologies
  • Cryptocurrency industry. Practices and prospects of nation-wide cryptocurrencies projects. Interest against the background of high risks. Cryptocurrency in the context of Shariah
  • Blockchain — search for real business cases. Masterchain example. Results
  • Digital mortgage in the countries of Central Asia. What’s next?
  • Iman Invest as an example of an investment startup following the principles of Sharia
Session 7

Retail sector, traditions and SMEs as indispensable elements of the digital transformation in Central Asia. Relevant areas for Islamic finance

Evening program
  • E-commerce in Central Asia. Opportunities offered by new business strategies and technologies
  • International payment systems. Their impact on fintech projects in Central Asia
  • Transformation of the largest retail market into a marketplace is an interesting task for Central Asia
  • SMEs in Central Asia. From direct support for a small business launch in the country to promoting the involvement of women in SMEs
  • Actual tasks of working with SMEs in Central Asia: improvement of services for small business and a vector for products conversion into digital format


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